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SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT was awarded as the outstanding supplier for the year 2016 from Hyster-Yale Group

January 16, 2018

SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT, 100% subsidiary of Olympia Group, was distinguished among thousands of suppliers of the leading Group Hyster–Yale and was awarded as the outstanding supplier for the year 2016. The Company was recognized for the quality and the time delivery of its products, achieving performance of 100% in both categories, via an especially demanding award selection process. At the same time, SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT comprises the unique company in the business area of batteries receiving the recognition “Roll of Honor” from Hyster–Yale Group.

The international Group Hyster-Yale is the 4th largest manufacturer of lift trucks globally, with an annual turnover of $2.7 billion. It develops relations and collaborates with customers, suppliers and representatives for over 80 years, in the field of design, manufacturing and sale of a series of lift trucks, machinery and after-market parts on global scale under the Hyster and Yale brand names. In this context of operations, Hyster–Yale Group awards every year its suppliers presenting the ones who are the most distinguished as well as capable of fulfilling a series of strict criteria such as quality, timing and accuracy in delivery, competitiveness, product development and technical support.

SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT, already since 2012, possesses an especially successful collaboration with the Group Hyster-Yale, which includes the sale as well as the provision of added value services with regard to a wide spectrum of mobility batteries, and their after-sales parts, used for lift trucks (forklifts) in the former’s production plants and to its customers in over 55 countries. The result of this long-term relation is this year’s award which recognizes SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT for the quality and the timely delivery of its products. Correspondingly in 2015, the Company was recognized on a global scale as “Above & Beyond” supplier, offering to Hyster-Yale services and total solutions above market standards. The above distinctions ascertain as well as demonstrate the passion of SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT for superior results, through the reliable energy storage solutions which the Company offers in the market.

As the representatives of Hyster-Yale Group have stated: “ we would like to express our thanks to SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT for the valuable collaboration we have, a collaboration which demonstrates the reliable and strong character of the company. We are certain that this successful course will continue. ”

According to Mr. L. Bisalas, Chief Commercial Officer of SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT: “ This award which was granted to the company from a leading player such as the Hyster-Yale Group constitutes a special honor for SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT and its people. It recognizes the efforts we make in order to respond in full manner to the high requirements of our customers, especially in the area of OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). We stay focused on our goal which is to maintain and further develop the company’s already strong presence internationally, offering always state-of-the-art products and services and providing added value to our customers. “