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“SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT” contributes to a pilot RES project of PPC in Gavdos

November 16, 2017

“SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT” (or the Company), a fully owned (100%) subsidiary of Olympia Group, contributes to a pilot project of “PPC (DEI) Renewables” for the coverage of Gavdos’ energy needs with regard to Renewable Energy Sources (RES). With a strong emphasis on the optimization of the use of energy produced from photovoltaic storage systems, this action is conducted in the context of the Company’s broader commercial strategy as well as its commitment towards the goal of sustainable development and corporate responsibility.

With the objective to assist the pilot project of “PPC Renewables” in Gavdos, SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT offered, as bonus, part of the required equipment, it proceeded with the supply of other related equipment and it also performed the entire installation works on a free of charge basis. It is worth mentioning that apart from the production of electricity from renewable energy sources, the above project also concerns the storage of energy into batteries produced by SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT so that this energy can be utilized in periods when there is no sun in the sky and when the electric energy from the available photovoltaic systems is not sufficient. By this manner, it is achieved a considerable reduction in the use of electric generator sets which are currently utilized during such periods. The system which was installed is sufficient to cover 10% of the island’s energy demand with a total cost equivalent to the annual fuel cost of the thermal plant. It is worth noting that SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT prepared the relevant study with regard to the storage and distribution of the produced energy from the photovoltaic park into the thermal production station and it also allocated, free of charge, 72 Tubular Plate GEL Batteries for circular use in hybrid renewable energy systems, with capacity of 1560 AH each for the storage of produced energy. At the same time, the Company proceeded with the supply of part of the necessary equipment for the distribution of the stored energy into the network of Gavdos, including accumulator chargers, rectifying devices and telemetry systems among other parts.

According to data and information provided by “PPC Renewables”, a fully owned subsidiary of PPC (Public Power Corporation or DEI), the old photovoltaic installation in the borderline island of Gavdos has been already restored and the electric energy is now produced from photovoltaic panels installed and owned by PPC. It is also worth mentioning that PPC Group implements a series of pilot projects in Kythnos and Karpathos, whereas it has constructed a hybrid energy station in Ikaria.

As underlined by Mr. S. Parcharidis, Research & Project Expert of SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT, “the participation of SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT in the project of PPC Renewables reflects our Company’s capability to undertake important energy projects with an emphasis on energy storage, starting from the study and the planning up to the delivery of the project into full operation mode and on a successful basis both in Greece and abroad. To its entirety, this action constitutes an initiative which is in full alignment with the strategy of Sustainable Development followed by the Company with an emphasis on the environment and the Renewable Energy Sources (RES). It also proves the long-term commitment of SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT to a healthy business development having as its priority the respect towards the environment and society.”