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SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT: Export orientation by 92% and strong international presence

March 26, 2018
  • 1st plant in Europe in terms of production of industrial batteries with a significant increase of the output level at 1.9 million units
  • Enrichment of the product portfolio with new innovative products targeting the markets of Europe and America
  • Stronger penetration into the markets of Africa and America
  • Personnel has doubled over the last 4 years accounting for 820 employees
  • Increase of the recycled lead production (SUNLIGHT Recycling) to 19.5 million tons

In 2017, SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT, member of Olympia Group, further established its already strong presence in the international markets by intensifying its dynamic and extrovert strategy that characterizes the company, and by implementing its investment plan in a consistent manner. At the same time the Company enriched its spectrum of products, significantly increased its production, and achieved expansion into new geographical territories.

Specifically, based on the State-of-the-Art Production Plant in Neo Olvio, Xanthi, Greece, SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT proceeded with the increase of its plant’s production capacity, through investments in new and more efficient equipment with a total value of € 4.3 million. Those investments led to a production increase by 24%, with the annual production settling at the historically high level of 1.9 million units. The above development places the plant of SUNLIGHT in the first position on European level in terms of production of industrial batteries. Furthermore, the above investments strengthened the competitive advantages of the Company in the international market, facilitating the distribution of the offered products at a lower pricing.

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SUNLIGHT, Mr. V. Billi, stated the following: “2017 was the year of new high performance rates which were also reflected in our financial results. By applying an extrovert strategy which we consistently do since the company’s establishment and until today, we increased our export orientation from 84% to 92%. Undoubtedly, the energy storage market is experiencing, and will continue to be doing so, an upward trend globally, a development that creates opportunities for additional growth in our sales. Our objective in year 2018 is to further strengthen our position in the markets of Europe and America by placing emphasis on the design of new innovative products through our R&D team in Xanthi.”

The Company continued its strong export orientation by entering into new product and geographic markets such as those of America, as well as by expanding its activities in Africa, Asia and Oceania. In order to further strengthen its position in the dynamic markets of Europe and America in 2017, the Company emphasized on the development of innovative products and services, in both the category of Traction Batteries as well as the category of Reserve Power Batteries. Especially in the market of traction batteries, SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT strengthened its collaboration with Hyster-Yale Group which is the 6th largest manufacturer of lift trucks globally and it successfully continued its efforts to penetrate into the American market by expanding its distribution network as well as its sales.

The sector of Reserve Power Batteries also comprised a strong growth driver towards the Company’s successful course. Over the past year, SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT enlarged the global network of its sales people thus achieving higher market shares. At the same time it maintained its leading position in the Advanced Technology Batteries by signing new agreements with the Navy of Italy and Norway, following its participation in the relevant international tenders. Finally with regard the sector of Consumer Batteries, the Company further increased its sales by strengthening its presence in the markets of Africa.

The entire strategic development of the Company is being supported by its 820 employees. It is noted that the Company’s personnel increased by 74 people in 2017 compared to 2016 and almost doubled over the past 4 years.

As the operation of SUNLIGHT Group is based on the circular economy, the contribution of the state-of-the-art Lead Battery Recycling unit in Komotini, namely the SUNLIGHT RECYCLING, has been especially important. Particularly in 2017, it increased its production capacity and rationalized the mixture of its raw materials, thus improving its production rates and subsequently the operating profitability. By having ensured excellent performance with regard to the environment, in the 2nd year of its full operation, the SUNLIGHT RECYCLING unit recycled 19,542 tons of lead thus covering more than 50% of the needs of SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT.

The results of the investments and of the strategic commitment towards an innovative and extrovert strategy are depicted in the financial results of 2017. Particularly, the Consolidated Turnover of SUNLIGHT Group amounted to € 194.5 million, posting a 26% increase compared to the year 2016. The consolidated earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) settled at € 22.0 million increased by 28% compared to the previous year, whereas the earnings before taxes accounted for € 8.4 million versus € 2.3 million in the previous year.