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SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT: New strategic partnership with Pepsi Wimm-Bill-Dann

December 20, 2016

The company SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT, member of Olympia Group, belonging to the interests of Panos Germanos, continues to demonstrate a strong growth course and at the same time to expand the list of its strategic partners. Pepsi in Russia constitutes an important new addition in the wide customer base of the Greek company, which deals with energy production and storage systems, thus further strengthening the company’s leading position in the global market place.

SUNLIGHT participated successfully in the bidding process of Pepsi Wimm-Bill-Dann based in Russia concerning an initial order assignment of more than 230 replacement as well as industrial batteries for forklift trucks. SUNLIGHT batteries are utilized in various types of trucks such as TOYOTA, HYSTER, FLTCROWN, FLT STILL, TENNANT, but also in the factories and warehouses of PEPSI in more than 20 Russian cities.

Lambros Bisalas, Industrial Sales Director of Sunlight, stated the following: “With its new partnership, SUNLIGHT increases, to a significant extent, its exposure to the demanding market of Russia. SUNLIGHT serves a clear export oriented strategy, as 98% of its production is channeled into the international markets. Agreements such as the one with Pepsi in Russia are very important for us serving as a model for the further penetration of the international markets. For this cause as well as for better servicing the constantly increasing orders resulting from new agreements, we continue to invest in human resources and technological systems, meaning the achievement of double production levels for 2016, and also to create new jobs.”

SUNLIGHT holds the number one position globally in the replacement batteries and is among the top producers of industrial batteries for forklift trucks. Batteries of SUNLIGHT produced in the plant of Xanthi, Greece, “travel” across more than 100 countries and every year equip more than 62,000 trucks. The dynamic market shares of the company internationally, e.g. 20% in Germany, 35% in Spain and 65% in Portugal demonstrate its credibility and international recognition.



SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT SA, belonging to the interests of Panos Germanos, has dynamically entered its third decade of presence in the international market. The company designs, produces and distributes energy storage and allocation systems. SUNLIGHT is among the top producers of energy systems and products globally, offering total solutions in areas with high requirements, such as Industrial Production, Supply Chain and Transportation, Telecommunications, Construction, Information Technology, Infrastructure Works and Defense.