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SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A.: Another distinction at the «Made In Greece» awards

August 3, 2016

Two distinctions for Exports and Industrial Excellency were awarded to SUNLIGHT of Panos Germanos

SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT, owned by Mr. Panos Germanos, won 2 out of 7 categories of the awards Made In Greece. Specifically it won the Exports Excellency Award and the Industrial Excellency Award, which are one more certification of the dynamic enterprising and exporting profile of the industry.
The awards were given on Monday 25 November during the Made Ιn Greece Ceremony, which is an initiative of the Greek Marketing Academy, in order to promote and reward the enterprises achieving exceptional performance, by creating an important added value for Greek economy.
The award for SUNLIGHT was received by the CEO Mr. Vassilis Billis, who said: «Those awards certify our business planning and the realization of investments, with our mind to foreign markets, creating gains for Greece and operating as an ambassador of the country abroad, realizing Made in Greece».
The «Made in Greece» awards, which are held under the Wings of the ministry of Development and Competitiveness, of the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food and of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, had 6 big winners to the 7 categories, with SUNLIGΗΤ receiving 2 of them, while it must be noted that the candidates were 122, coming from 85 enterprises.
SUNLIGHT having as focal point its industry complex in New Olvio Xanthi is activated for three decades to the international market of energy storage and distribution, exporting 98% of its produced products and exploiting its dynamic in the global business environment. The Company has an autonomous business presence in 9 countries, maintains an active clientele in more than 100 countries, while is classified among the 5 top producers of industry batteries in Europe and among the 3 top producers of advanced technology batteries globally. Its main focus is to discover and exploit chances in new markets presenting special business interest, such as America, Middle East, Africa and the Asian countries.