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SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A.: Enhanced Profitability & Increased Sales in 2014

August 2, 2016
  • 25% turnover increase (€95 million in 2013 vs €120 million in 2014)
  • 32% increase in EBITDA (€7.7 million in 2013 vs 10.2 million in 2014)
  • Increased sales in all product categories and enhanced presence on all 5 continents
  • Launching of SUNLIGHT Recycling, a subsidiary company, following a €31 million strategic investment
  • 100 employees added to the workforce of the SUNLIGHT Group of companies to cover increased production needs

The 2014 financial results announced by SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A., a company owned by Panos Germanos, recorded impressive sales growth and EBITDA. This record year was sealed with the launch of SUNLIGHT Recycling, the most up-to-date lead battery recycling plant in Europe, where the sum of €31 million was invested.

The Company’s strategic plan was the main driver behind the spectacular increase in the financial figures of SUNLIGHT SYSTEMS SA and it is based on:

  • a customer-centric approach to provide integrated and reliable battery solutions
  • the successful launching of new products and services, as a result of structured market research and continuous R&D investment (3% of annual turnover)
  • the adoption of an organizational structure focusing on global battery markets needs, which lies at the heart of SUNLIGHT production.

In 2014, SUNLIGHT has expanded its global footprint significantly. This resulted from the expansion of its global partner network, which acts as its local representative, its participation in major international exhibitions abroad and its staffing by a dynamic sales team.

In particular, SUNLIGHT’s strategic positioning was the main driver of a significant increase in turnover (i.e. 25%), amounting to €120 million (€95 million in 2013). Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA) amounted to €10.2 million, a 32% increase on prior year. In addition, the Company increased the amount of produced industrial batteries by 28%, while boosting sales in all product categories (i.e. industrial traction and backup batteries, defense applications batteries, consumer batteries). In 2014, the Company increased its sales in all continents, thus enhancing significantly its exporting activities.

A major event in 2014 was the launching of its subsidiary, SUNLIGHT Recycling, following a strategic investment of €31 million. With annual recycling capacity of 25,000 tons of spent batteries, the plant features as the most contemporary lead-acid battery recycling plant in Europe, a driver of multiplier economic and environmental effects at local and national level. The new plant vertically integrates the production process of SUNLIGHT leading to increased profitability, while enhancing the environmental image of Greece and drastically reducing currency outflow by €40 million.

Commenting on the 2014 financial results, SUNLIGHT’s Chairman of BoD & CEO, Mr. Vasili Billis, said: “2014 was a year of dynamic performance, as we succeeded in substantially improving our financial figures and further expanding our international presence. Placing an emphasis on the industrial battery sector, we have managed to secure 91% of our turnover from battery sales (vs. 72% in 2010). Aspiring to take advantage of every opportunity in the global market, in 2015 we are investing in a strategic plan that will further strengthen our presence in the European market and also lead to the development of new markets in Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia and America.”