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August 3, 2016

• Completion of a dynamic €58 million euro investment plan during the past five years (2009-2013) in the midst of a crisis
• The company is demonstrating strong extroversion by entering 8 new markets, and its exports corresponding to 95% of its production
Turnover is expected to reach €114 million and EBITDA €10 million in 2014

Athens, 11 March 2014 – Export-oriented profile, investments in innovation and entry into new markets are the main pillars in the strategic development plan implemented by Systems SUNLIGHT – owned by Panos Germanos. With the experience of 22 years of a steady progress and indisputable contribution to the Greek economy and further to the implementation of a dynamic investment plan, the company is today a made in Greece model for foreign markets.

With a purely export-oriented approach, the company has trade partners in more than 100 countries and it is already exporting 95% of its total production. The priority for 2014 is to enhance the shares of SUNLIGHT in new large markets, such as Oceania, Indonesia, the Philippines, Brazil, Chile, Peru, the USA and Canada.

It is worth noting that in the 2009-2013 period, when Greece was largely de-industrialised, the company was one of the first that believed in the Greek economy, tangibly demonstrating its commitment to support it through implementing a €58 million investment plan. These investments are implemented by the company with support through the equity of its shareholder, Mr. Panos Germanos.

Specifically, these investments pertain to the following areas:

• €20 million in the modernisation and the increase of the productive capacity of the Xanthi plant.
• €3 million in the restructuring and reorganisation of the specific plant. It is noted that the plant has currently managed to triple its production
• €10 million in research and development that contributed to the creation of new products for new applications for various sectors, such as railroads, foodstuff, pharmaceutical and chemical warehouses, telecommunications, storage of energy from renewable sources.
• €25 million in the construction of a new battery recycling unit in Komotini which will launch its operation within the year. With this move, Systems SUNLIGHT achieves the complete vertical integration of its production, at the same time contributing in achieving the country’s environmental targets.

Its Managing Director, Mr. Vassilis Billis, stated: “During the 22 years of the company’s operation, and in particular the past five years, when our country is going through an extensive financial and fiscal crisis, SUNLIGHT has been intensifying its investments through the equity of its shareholder, Mr. Panos Germanos, is solidifying its international imprint and is continuously recording victories on all levels. Through these objectives our company has managed to rank 1st in submarine technology batteries in the world and among the 3 first companies in the area of industrial batteries in Europe.

In 2014, SUNLIGHT SA, aims at achieving a turnover of €114 million and EBITDA €10 million. Therefore, the company’s strategy puts emphasis on sound growth through international partnerships, the intensification of extroversion, the good understanding and serving of the customers’ needs and the support of its 600 employees.