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Top recognition for Public Stores at HR Awards 2016

December 15, 2016


Public Stores received 1 bronze award and on distinction at HR Excellence Awards 2016, the annual event of the Hellenic Institute of Human Resources Management (EIMAD) of the Hellenic Management Association (EEDE). Every year the particular event awards leading and innovative practices of Human Resources Management.

More specifically, in this year’s event Public Stores were awarded with:

Bronze award in the category “Systems and Practices of Human Resources Management”

The department of the Human Resources of Public Stores contributed significantly to the overachievement of the annual sales target of the company through actions of massive recruitment, utilization of talents (internal candidates, internships, seasonal personnel) as well as the introduction of modern systems with regard to the incorporation and smooth transition of the newly hired people.

An honorable distinction in the category “Organizational Change & Innovation”

The department of Human Resources of Public Stores prepared the ground, through a significant number of initiatives, for the redesign of the organization’s culture, the improvement of daily life of employees and the strengthening of internal communication channels. The objective of the above actions is to form an environment which will support the outcome of employees’ work under a collaborative scheme, will focus on the creation and strengthening of internal culture and principles, and also will invest in the development of active personnel and the generation and addition of new talents with passion, smile and a customer oriented approach.