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Two new Polaroid products in Greece from Westnet

February 20, 2017

Westnet Distribution, member of Olympia Group, will enrich its product portfolio within the year 2017 with 2 new arrivals from Polaroid, the Polaroid POP and Polaroid HOOP, which were recently presented in the exhibition CES2017 (Consumer Technology Association), an event that took place in Las Vegas, USA.

Polaroid POP is the “answer” of the US corporation to the ever increasing demand for an instant camera which prints out instant photographs in the authentic and larger size of 3Χ4’’, meaning the size at which the classic camera Polaroid was printing in the past. It is essentially about the return of the classic photograph Polaroid, through a new – small in size – camera with very modern design, anticipated to capture the interest of younger audiences. The camera possesses a 4” touch screen, 20MP analysis and 1080p/720p video. It also supports connection via Bluetooth and wi-fi with all smart appliances.

Hoop 2Polaroid HOOP signals the entrance of Polaroid in the market of security cameras via the Internet, which is a market with double digit growth rates annually. With user friendly environment and modern slim design, Polaroid HOOP has the ambition to become a reliable, complete and accessible solution to the home security problem, without the incurrence of any unnecessary expenses, the need to make holes on the wall in order to place the camera or any fixed charges with regard to the camera’s surveillance service. The product series of Polaroid HOOP includes models for indoor or outdoor spaces, night surveillance, electricity or battery based operation, 1080 p analysis and 140-degree lens for wide-angle view.

With these two new products, Westnet expands its partnership with Polaroid, possessing a portfolio which already encompasses the cameras Polaroid Snap & Snap Touch, the action camera Polaroid Cube, the portable printer Polaroid Zip and a series of camera accessories.

It is noted that Polaroid POP will be available in the Greek market in summer, whereas Polaroid Hoop in April.


A few words about Westnet

WestNet activates in the distribution of IT and high technology products since 2005. The company offers a solution package that consists of the distribution and the representation of high technology products of large corporations in the global marketplace such as HP, Lenovo, Asus, Microsoft, Canon, Samsung, LG, and eStar, whereas it is the exclusive distributor in Greece of the tablets and smart phones of Lenovo and of all notebooks, desktops and gaming products of Asus.

A few words about Polaroid

For more than 75 years, Polaroid constitutes a reliable global brand, which has been well established among consumers. From the time when Edwin Land was the first to conceive the idea of the instant camera in 1943, Polaroid continues to develop its pioneering technology for instant photography. Polaroid brands characterize products of high quality such as instant and digital cameras, as well as action video cameras. Polaroid remains focused on the development of new products which advance the services it offers.