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Two successful years for SoftOne Cyprus

December 13, 2019

During a media gathering, SoftOne Cyprus, a leading business software development company and a member of Olympia Group Ltd, presented the results of its successful two years of operations in Cyprus.

The company has been in Cyprus since 2017, carrying out an ambitious €1 million investment plan, aiming to make SoftOne the leader in the local business software market and a valuable ally for Cypriot businesses in the digital transformation era. By developing and supporting modern IT solutions through a strong network of qualified associates, SoftOne Cyprus is able to fully meet the needs of modern businesses, irrespective of size, integrating all their business operations into one powerful platform and offering new tools to their employees and driving business growth to new levels.

In its two years in the country, SoftOne Cyprus has invested in a strong team of employees, consisting of local executives with long experience in the sector. In turn, they have created a strong client base, counting 172 partnerships. Through the continuous growth of the company’s client base SoftOne has further strengthened its position in the local market, adding yet another service centre in Nicosia. Through its two offices, in Nicosia and Limassol, the company’s administrative team and expert advisors are able to effectively fulfil their clients’ needs, guaranteeing solutions and value-added services for every Cypriot business.

During the company’s presentation to the media representatives, the Country Manager of SoftOne Cyprus, Mr Tryfonas Papazoglou, noted, “We started off in Cyprus two years ago, offering a slightly different value proposition to all the market sectors in terms of digital transformation, making us the ideal partner for every modern Cypriot business. During this time, the local market has demonstrated its trust in SoftOne’s award-winning products and solutions, and we have been very pleased to help Cypriot companies, irrespective of size, to grow further using all the necessary state-of-the-art tools. Strictly adhering to our strategic plan, we aspire to sustain our company’s growth, so that we can establish ourselves at the top of the Cypriot market in the near future.”