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Westnet presents exclusively the pioneering PowerCubes

November 14, 2016

Athens 19 October 2016

Westnet (, member of Olympia Group, belonging to the interests of Panos Germanos, presents in exclusivity to the Greek market the pioneering technological accessories, PowerCubes. These products are designed from the Dutch industrial design company, Allocacoc, which is globally known for the special aesthetics it gives to its appliances as well as for the variety of operating solutions it offers.

The new exclusive partnership of Westnet strengthens its dynamics in the category of technology accessories through a series of products addressing the wider audience of consumers and considered to be suitable for every home or office, as well as distinguished for their special design.

More specifically, these products are the PowerCubes possessing a lot of outlets. The great difference is that while the conventional socket multipliers are usually located as hidden objects behind the furniture, PowerCubes “do not belong” behind the furniture but instead they are placed onto the furniture! The “energy cubes” circulate in different colors and in case there is a need for additional sockets, they can be stacked and thus “build” beautiful and practical combinations of outlets.

They also offer the double USB option for immediate charging of appliances, via 1.5 meter cord, as well as remote control for incredible easiness. Their special self-sticking base assists the stabilization of the PowerCubes onto the office furniture and also facilitates their attachment even underneath the furniture for space saving purposes.

At the same time, the Travel PowerCubes are ideal for use in trips abroad as they can be adjusted according to the special type of wall plugs used in each country offering the ability to travelers to charge their cell phone, tablet and computer without looking for wall plugs behind the night tables!

Also Westnet offers exclusively Allocacoc ΑudioCubes, which are wireless speakers for sound experience of 360º as well as for the generation of sound that penetrates the air space without creating dead spots. At the same time it offers USB chargers with internal battery, and usb cord for simultaneous charging of appliances.

The PowerCubes have achieved to redefine a series of classic technology accessories offering them their own special style. Westnet ambition is to make every home or office have one PowerCube product thus pleasantly defining every day’s life.


A few words about Westnet

WestNet activates in the distribution of IT and high technology products since 2005. The company offers a solution package that consists of the distribution and the representation of high technology products of large corporations in the global marketplace such as HP, Samsung, LG, Creative , eStar, Philips, Eset, D-Link, TP-Link, and devolo, whereas it is the exclusive distributor in Greece of the tablets and smart phones of Lenovo, Hitachi TVs and of all notebooks, desktops and gaming products of Asus. At the same time, the company is the sole distributor in the category of peripherals and accessories of the products Polaroid, Trust, Tucano, Cygnett, and Turtle Beach.


A few words about Allocacoc

The industrial design company Allocacoc is globally known for its special aesthetics. The company was founded in 2010 from two new entrepreneurs with the objective to design, produce and develop, from “A” to “Z”, innovative consumer products. Allocacoc has already managed to give its own style to a series of classic technology products, a style that ideally combines modern design with functionality. The special final result in combination with the competitive prices of the products within the portfolio allows the company to set the ambitious goal according to which very soon an Allocacoc appliance will exist in every household or company all over the world.


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