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Westnet presents the new gaming generation of Asus!

August 31, 2016

Athens, August 29th 2016

Westnet, member of Olympia Group belonging to the interests of Panos Germanos, presents in the Greek market the new laptops and desktops ROG of Asus, which is leading player in the global market place (No. 1 brand in gaming notebooks). Asus ROG, specially designed in order to boost and maximize the gaming experience, enrich the product portfolio of Westnet with high quality products targeting a high demanding category of consumers, comprising a constantly expanding audience over the past years.

Asus is now an indispensable member of the gaming community having created, ten years ago, the team ROG – Republic Of Gamers – with the sole purpose to promote computer technology, specially designed for gaming needs. Since 2006, ROG products have presented to the audience a hardware technology that evolves and boosts the gaming experience, building a mythical name among the fans of gaming products.

Westnet in collaboration with Asus activate jointly in the global market place with a tendency towards ready solutions instead of BTO (build-to-order) solutions. More specifically, the market of the high-end gaming PCs and laptops is the fastest growing one among all markets, as gamers tend to speedily and frequently upgrade the respective hardware of their computers. Gaming PCs and laptops are upgraded every 2-3 years from a gamer, in contrast to a usual computer which is upgraded every 7 years on average basis from its user. It is worth mentioning that smart phones and tablets have not become substitutes for the gaming computers as it has been the case with the traditional ones.

In Greece, despite the fact that the market of notebooks demonstrates a downward course in comparison with the number of aggregate sales of computers in the first half of 2016, gaming notebooks constitute a separate category with steadily increasing sales and with a growth rate that exceeds 70% compared to the sales realized during the same time period in 2015. Asus holds a market share of 25% in this market.

Once again, Asus, which is a synonym to innovation, has achieved to further boost the gaming experience with the distribution of the new ROG laptops in the market place. The new models Asus ROG GL552VW & GL752VW as well as desktops G11CD and G20CB achieve their own revolution with their “gaming-oriented” design, offering an entirely new and unique experience to the users of gaming products.


A few words about Westnet

WestNet activates in the distribution of IT and high technology products since 2005. The company offers a solution package that consists of the distribution and the representation of high technology products of large corporations in the global marketplace such as HP, Samsung, LG, Creative , eStar, Philips, Eset, D-Link, TP-Link, and devolo, whereas it is the exclusive distributor in Greece of the tablets and smart phones of Lenovo, Hitachi TVs and of all notebooks, desktops and gaming products of Asus. At the same time, the company is the sole distributor in the category of peripherals and accessories of the products Polaroid, Trust, Tucano, Cygnett, and Turtle Beach.


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