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PESCANOVA HELLAS selected the electronic invoice service solution of SoftOne

March 17, 2017

PESCANOVA selected the electronic invoice service solution of SoftOne, member of Olympia Group of Companies which has been established by Panos Germanos. PESCANOVA HELLAS is subsidiary of an international group under the same name, active in the market of frozen food products in 5 continents and in more than 20 countries.

With the support of the certified partner of SoftOne Ms. Tessi Koutsokeri, PESCANOVA HELLAS replaced the composite solution utilized by the company until recently, with the e-invoicing service of SoftOne. With the above solution, the company expanded the issuance and dispatch of electronic invoices to 92% of its customers versus 30% previously. Without any additional investments or training session requirements, the e-invoicing service solution allows the company to dispatch invoices to supermarkets and food wholesalers, directly from its ERP system, only in a few seconds, drastically minimizing the process of payment from its customers.

Designed with the appropriate flexibility, the solution of SoftOne provides the recipient with the ability to depict the invoice document in the preferable language. In this way there is no need for creating or keeping multiple forms of invoices per customer category (domestically and abroad).

The automated storage of invoices on the cloud environment improves significantly the internal audit procedures of PESCANOVA from both certified auditors and the senior staff of the parent company abroad. The latter is in position to easily, speedily and safely access any issued invoice, from anywhere, via a simple “login” at the portal of the service.


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